Parish News

Aimee’s Farewell
On Sunday 20th November, both in Hilden and in Lambeg at the Enrolment service, our Youth and Family Worker, Aimee Gibson, said her official ‘goodbyes’ to the parish, which marked the occasion with some farewell gifts.   Below is Aimee’s farewell to us.
Not totally sure how I should start –
To all members of Lambeg and Hilden???
I have had 8 wonderful years working here in Lambeg parish church doing what I love; teaching children and young people about the love of Jesus and building relationships with them and their families. I loved my time here in the parish and built so many relationships with you all, working with so many of you and being supported, encouraged and upheld by your prayers.
The Lord has given me a precious gift of my own to nurture and raise to know and love Him and I feel this is a new season for my family. We will miss the people of Lambeg and Hilden greatly and want to thank you all for your support and encouragement over the years.
To the leaders and volunteers of all the organisations and groups, again a massive thank you for your friendship, commitment and faithfulness, the groups you serve in wouldn’t run without you.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the members of the Select Vestry for the opportunity you have given me to serve this church and community.
Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to Eddie and Hazel for their endless confidence in me and their encouragement. I valued my time working alongside you both in ministry and will be forever grateful for the example you both set me.
As I’ve said to many, we will not be strangers and so will call in from time to time but in the meantime may God bless and keep you all.

Girls Brigade
We have been meeting on a weekly basis from September and were delighted to be able to have our first enrolment in 3 years on 20th November 2022.  We had a joint service with the CLB and were pleased with the good turn out of girls and their families.
The girls are kept busy every week with a range of activities and our younger girls on a Saturday morning love to do craft. Below is a photo of some of our Explorers with one of their craft activities.
Over the next few weeks we will be having a Christmas party for the Explorers and Under 5’s when we will be having a magician and hopefully a visit from Santa. We plan to take the older girls to the cinema to see the movie Matilda. We will be taking some time off over Christmas and when we get back in the new year we hope to be able to plan for a Display at the end of April. Our Christmas dates are as follows:-Saturday 10th December – Party for Explorers and Under 5’s
Wednesday 14th December – Outing to the Cinema for Juniors upwards
Saturday 17th, 24th and 31st December – Holiday
Wednesday 21st and 28th December – Holiday
We are back to GB on Wednesday 4th January and Saturday 7th January.

 Merry Christmas and Happy new year from everyone at GB
On Sunday 20th November we had our annual enrolment service along with the Girls Brigade.  We had 12 boys plus their leaders, Mr. David Smyth and Mrs Margaret Armstrong.
The boys have been faithfully attending once a week at the CLB in Hilden Centre and took part in the prayers at the enrolment.
The Company will continue to meet up until and including Thursday 8th December, starting back in the New Year on Thursday 12th January.
After that, the Y team is looking forward to the uni hockey tournament in February at the Lisburn leisure centre  against other companies.


Mothers Union
The Mothers Union met on the evening of 14 November 2022 to hear an update on SAMS Ireland from Rev Stephen McIlhinney who had just recently returned from a visit to South America. He showed us slides of the areas visited and the ministry teams in those areas. He explained how the clergy there had another job as they do not receive any payment for their Christian duties and it brought home to us how committed they are to their faith. Everybody enjoyed his talk and took the opportunity to chat and ask any questions when we all enjoyed a cup of tea and cake.
We took a variety of items donated by members and parishioners to a car boot sale in the Methodist Church and managed to sell a considerable number of items which raised a total of £128 which will help our funds. Thank you to all who helped and contributed.  The Parish continues to support the Lisburn Food Bank who have written to us thanking for all contributions which are gratefully received. A big thank you to our Treasurer Dorothy Jackson who faithfully takes all donations to their premises every week. We were asked to donate bottles of Shloer and packets of granulated sugar for hampers and the parish responded very
We are having a Christmas Lunch on Saturday 10 December 2022
at Lisburn Golf Club who very kindly agreed to us using their facility. Our thanks go to Stephen Shaw who made the necessary arrangements.
We will meet on the evening of 9 January 2023 when we will have a bring and buy sale and on 13 February 2023 when we will makeup wash bags for the A&E at the Royal Victoria Hospital. These bags are much appreciated by the staff and patients who are admitted as an emergency.
We welcome any parishioner who would like to join us for fellowship.

Every Blessing for Christmas and the New Year to all parishioners.           
Liz McBurney

Mens Society
Following a short meeting of the Mens Society on 3rd October, it was decided that the Mens Society would continue its ministry to men in the Parish.

At the time of publication of the magazine, the members and guests of the Mens Society will have met, Lord willing, for a Christmas Dinner in Lisburn Golf Club to enjoy fellowship together and to plan a programme for the New Year.
We warmly invite the men of the parish to be a part of the Society and avail of the fellowship offered in our gatherings.  Please contact the Rector for further details.

Needles and Pins
Restarted on 16 October 2022.  It was lovely to see everyone again.  We knit a variety of items such as baby blankets, items for premature babies and trauma teddies.  We meet in Hilden from 10:30 – 12:30 every other Wednesday.  Our next meeting is 14 December 2022. You do not need to be an expert at knitting, just come along and join us for fellowship and coffee!

Parents and Tots
We have been meeting every Tuesday since September and our numbers have been very encouraging.  It has been lovely to meet new parents, grandparents and children as well as renewing our contacts with old friends.  Our programme of playtime, crafts, music making and singalong as well as snack time and the chance to catch up are enjoyed by all.  In October we had a pumpkin party and we are looking forward to our Christmas celebrations before we take our Christmas break until January 10th.
We have missed our leader Angela this session although we have been keeping her up to date with all our activities, regularly sending her our good wishes and assuring her of our prayers.  We all wish her a full recovery from her recent illness and every blessing in 2023.
Ingrid, Judith, Muriel and Sharon.

Open House
Open House resumed after the summer break on Thursday 15th September.
We offer a time of warmth on these cold winter days  – to meet together, eat together, have a time of fun and fellowship with our quiz and wordsearch.  There is some good-hearted competition between the Ladies and gents.
We will finish for our Christmas break on Thursday 8th December, starting back on Thursday 12th January 2023.  It would be wonderful to have some new faces join us.  You’ll be warmly welcomed!
Victor, Helen, Nan. 

Covid 19 update
At a meeting of the Select Vestry held on 7th September 2022 it was decided that following the reduction of Coronavirus cases in the community and a return to almost all pre-pandemic activities, it was now appropriate to review the risk mitigations which the Parish had in place.
Accordingly, the following arrangements were made in relation to Church attendance and in our Organisations:
Sanitisation Facilities: These will continue to be available in all our Church buildings and it is recommended that they continue to be utilised.
Pews/Seating: All pews and seats may be used by choice.
Social Distancing: No restrictions are being placed and parishioners and members of our organisations should use their discretion and common sense in this regard.
Offerings will continue to be taken as retiring collections.
Face Coverings: These may continue to be worn at the individual’s own discretion.
Communion Services will remain as at present with the option to receive Communion at the rails or in the pew using the ‘Communion Cup’, as currently practiced.

Schedule of Church Services

First Sunday of Month                  10.00 am    Hilden  Service
                                                          11.00 am   Lambeg Holy Communion

Second Sunday of Month              9.00 am    Lambeg Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Lambeg Morning Prayer

Third Sunday of Month                  9.00 am   Lambeg Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Lambeg Morning Prayer

Fourth Sunday of Month             10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Lambeg Morning Prayer

  Fifth Sunday of Month                   9.00 am   Lambeg Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am    Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am    Lambeg Morning Prayer

Change of time for early morning communion service.

Following a recent meeting of the Select Vestry, it was agreed to change the time of the early morning communion service from the Covid-time of 8.30am to 9.00am.   This later start will help both parishioners in Lambeg and enable the Rector to fulfil his pastoral responsibility to them and to the parishioners who go to the 10am Hilden service.  This new time will come into operation on the second Sunday in October (9th).


Parish Register

           24th November 2022        Caroline Cullen

           25th November 2022        Patrick Collin

Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with all the bereaved families.
       Jesus said: ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted’  (Matthew 5:4)
       ‘…Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, even so, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labour…’   (Revelation 14:13

          18 September 2022          Cora Alice Mary, daughter of Michael and Nicole Ervine

          30th October 2022            Adult Baptism, Ryan Hutchinson

          26th November 2022 James Alexander, son of Thomas and Judith Hind