The Ministry Team

Rev. Eddie Coulter   

Diocesan Lay Readers
Miss Mavis Gibbons, Mrs Pat Harvey, Mr. Jack Hassard, Mr. Neill Wilson, Dr. Brian Bennett

Parish Readers
Miss Dorothy Jackson,

Mr. Victor McDonald
Clergy with permission to officiate
Rev. Chris Pierce

Rev. David Luckman
Rev. Robert Smyth
Organist and Choir Master
Mr. John McClune

Honorary Secretary
Mrs Judith Finch


Honorary Treasurer
Mrs Angela Sloan
Graveyard Registrar
Rector (see above for contact details)

Mrs Grace Mills (028 9266 6027)

Health and Safety
Mr. Leslie Mills (028 9266 6027)

Envelope Secretary & Recorder
Karen Henry (028 9258 7296)

Parish office (028 9266 10009)
Parish Website:
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