How to come to Church

How to come to church

Since we are thinking about how we revive our churches, we can first of all start with ourselves.  ‘How to come to church’ seems a bit like ‘teaching your granny to suck eggs’!   However, by thinking about some of the things below, we are playing our part in making the church gathering a place of encouragement and growth for everyone.  Sometimes it’s easy just to drift in to church without much thought and prayer.  But below is a way to encourage us to prayerfully play our part.   You might already be doing some or all of the things below.  If not, think about how these things can encourage and help others as well as yourself in growing disciples. You don’t have to do all of these things.  Think of one or two that you could do.

Five things to think about and do before you come to Church

1. Think of others you can invite to come with you or to whom you can give a lift.
2. Pray (for the service and all those taking part, preacher, leader, pray-er, reader, musicians, Sunday school and crèche, welcomers at door, those attending church)
3. Read over the Bible passage that is going to be preached on Sunday.
4. Come a little bit earlier, if possible, to sit and pray in the church for the service, get to know others in church you don’t know, or help with some of the practical arrangements.
5. Say hello to visitors and strangers, when they arrive and make them feel welcome.

Five things to do during the meeting

1. Listen actively to the Word being read and preached, i.e, follow it in your Bible; have your Bible open during the sermon, take notes; display the fact that the Word of God is important.
2. Sing with enthusiasm – even if your singing voice isn’t good! Show that praising God matters to you.
3. Speak up, especially when we pray together, e.g., the Confession, the Lord’ Prayer, the Versicles and Responses & the creed.  Say it like we mean it!
4. Help with practicalities e.g., give up your seat if necessary for the convenience of a late comer or stranger. And pray for the service to impact people.
5. Look out for newcomers or late comers to make sure they have a service sheet or Bible or know what page in what book!

Five things to do after the meeting

1. Say hello to someone you haven’t met before and especially newcomers to welcome them.
2. Speak to someone, at service or afterwards about some aspect of the service/sermon.  Share what you learnt at church on Sunday.
3. Pray with others there and then if you think that would be appropriate.
4. Stay for tea and coffee if appropriate; stay late to chat and help;
5. If appropriate, with person of the same sex, follow up for coffee or chat.