Parish News

Parent & Toddlers starts back Tuesday 6th Sept 10am – 12noon in Hilden Community Church.
CLB’s registration night Thursday 8th Sept 6.45 – 7.15pm (P1-P3) Martins section & 7.15 – 7.45pm (P4+) Yteam & JTC sections
Starts back Thursday 15th Sept 6.45 – 7.30pm (P1-P3) Martins section & 7.30 – 8.30pm (P4+) Yteam & JTC sections

Hilden Sunday School starts back on Sunday 4th Sep in the committee room. Service 10 – 11am and children leave during the service.
Lambeg Sunday School starts back on Sunday 11th Sept in the choir robing room. Service 11am – 12noon and children leave during the service.
It is with regret that we announce the resignation of our Youth and Family Worker, Mrs Aimee Gibson, who will be finishing her 8 year period of employment in the parish on October 5th .  Aimee has done a remarkable job in the work amongst the young people of our parish and in her service to Hilden and Lambeg Church.  She has been a diligent, enthusiastic, and faithful worker in the Lord’s service in our parish and we will greatly miss her, along with wee Jude and husband Nev. 
There will be a special retiring collection over Sundays 18th, 25th September, and Sundays 2nd and 9th October.  Also, we will be saying farewell to Aimee and making a presentation to her on Sunday 23rd October at Hilden and in Lambeg morning services


Parents and Toddlers
It was very encouraging to see parent and toddlers returning  to Hilden after more than 2 years. We have now finished for the summer and look forward to returning on  Tuesday 6th September 2022.  10.15am to 11.30am.   Muriel, Ingrid and I ask you to continue to remember us in your prayers as our Toddler group is a key outreach in the Hilden community and a valuable role in ministry.   

Needles and Pins
Starting back in September 2nd and 3rd Wednesday in the month 10am to 12 noon at HILDEN.  Angela

Open House

Open House will resume after the Summer break on Thursday 15th September at 10 am for fun, fellowship and our weekly Quiz.

If free why not join us? –  you’ll be warmly  welcomed!

Victor, Helen and Nan


COVID-19 Update – 7th September 2022
At a meeting of the Select Vestry held on 7th September 2022 it was decided that following the reduction of Coronavirus cases in the community and a return to almost all pre-pandemic activities, it was now appropriate to review the risk mitigations which the Parish had in place.  Accordingly, the following arrangements were made in relation to Church attendance and in our Organisations:

Sanitisation Facilities: These will continue to be available in all our Church buildings and it is recommended that they continue to be utilised.

Ventilation:  We will ventilate our buildings as appropriate but with the onset of autumn and winter weather conditions, discretion will be used.

Pews/Seating: All pews and seats may be used by choice.  The pew cushions in Church will be re-installed after a ‘Church clean’ and Bibles will also be restored to the pews.  The Hilden Centre will arrange their seating plan to suit their requirements.

Social Distancing: No restrictions are being placed and parishioners and members of our Organisations should use their discretion and common sense in this regard.

Offerings will continue to be taken as retiring collections.

Face Coverings: These may continue to be worn at the individual’s own discretion.

Catering is permitted, subject to the normal rules of hygiene and common sense.  Funeral catering is not yet available unless a leadership team can be formed – volunteers are eagerly sought.

Communion Services will remain as at present with the option to receive Communion at the rails or in the pew using the ‘Communion Cup’, as currently practiced.

Cleaning: The Church cleaning team will cease to spray and sanitise the Church furniture after each service but otherwise, normal cleaning arrangements will continue as before.  The cleaning of our Halls after use by Church Organisations should also continue as before.  As always, volunteers are urgently sought to assist with this important work.

The position will be kept under review pending the receipt of any further Government or Church guidance.


Schedule of Church Services

First Sunday of Month                  10.00 am    Hilden  Service
                                                          11.00 am   Lambeg Holy Communion

Second Sunday of Month              9.00 am    Lambeg Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Lambeg Morning Prayer

Third Sunday of Month                  9.00 am   Lambeg Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Lambeg Morning Prayer

Fourth Sunday of Month             10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Lambeg Morning Prayer

  Fifth Sunday of Month                   9.00 am   Lambeg Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am    Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am    Lambeg Morning Prayer

Change of time for early morning communion service.

Following a recent meeting of the Select Vestry, it was agreed to change the time of the early morning communion service from the Covid-time of 8.30am to 9.00am.   This later start will help both parishioners in Lambeg and enable the Rector to fulfil his pastoral responsibility to them and to the parishioners who go to the 10am Hilden service.  This new time will come into operation on the second Sunday in October (9th).


Annual Vestry Appointments
At the Annual Vestry held April 2022, the following were appointed:
Rector’s Church Warden: Patricia Willis
People’s Church Warden: Helen Heggan
Rector’s Glebe Warden: Stephen Shaw
People’s Glebe Warden: Robert Brown
Hilden Warden: Mr. Ned Allen

Select Vestry members — Angela Bennett, Brian Bloomfield, Judith Finch, Aimee Gibson, Avril Hughes, Elizabeth McBurney, Victor McDonald, Gwen Mawhinney, Grace Mills, Leslie Mills, Angela Sloan and Neill Wilson.

Please pray for all the above who represent the parish and take decisions on behalf of the parish.

Parish Register

         15th July        Edna Davies

         10th August   Molly Turner

         17th August   Maureen Gourley 
        Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with all the bereaved families.
       Jesus said: ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted’  (Matthew 5:4)
       ‘…Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, even so, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labour…’   (Revelation 14:13