Parish News

 COVID-19 Update12th April 2022

On 4th April we received a letter from our Bishop indicating that in conjunction with the other bishops in Northern Ireland, as well as church leaders in other denominations, most of the restrictions that we have been working with in parish life since 2020 are now being lifted
The Rector and the ‘Back to Church’ group of the Select Vestry met on 12th April and, as recommended by the Church leaders and the authorities, the following arrangements were made:
Sanitisation facilities: These will continue to be available in all our church buildings;
Ventilation – Buildings and Halls will continue to be ventilated as much as possible; Social distancing measures: These are no longer legally required but are left to the discretion of individuals. Accordingly, the Select Vestry have agreed the following:
All pews in the Church can now be used by choice.
The Hilden Centre can arrange their seating plan and place chairs to suit the size of the congregation in attendance;     
Social distancing measures for parish organisations will be agreed by their leadership groups, taking a common-sense approach, depending on their activities; The Rector and Service Leaders will be able to greet parishioners inside or outside the Church and Hilden Centre after services;
Offerings will continue to be taken as retiring collections;
For funerals and weddings, attendees can choose where to sit in the Church. Face coverings: They may be dispensed with in Church buildings but parishioners who prefer to continue using them may do so. However, it was felt that they should  continue to be worn during singing, so parishioners are advised to continue bringing face masks to Church.
Organisation leaders will use their discretion as to whether face coverings should be worn for certain activities.
Catering: While catering is permitted, the parish is not yet in a position to provide funeral catering but efforts will be made to raise a leadership group for the Catering Committee and a volunteer rota. While catering on Church premises and by organisations is permitted, sensible precautions should continue to be taken.
Youth and Children’s Ministry: Leadership groups in each such organisation should make decisions regarding the lifting/retention of restrictions, using common sense and the activities of the organisation as the criteria.
Signage: Most Covid-19 signs have been removed from the Church buildings. Pastoral Visiting in Private Homes: These will continue to move towards a more normal pattern of regular in-person visitation. Sensible precautions will be observed. Communion Services: The Archbishops of the Church of Ireland, following the receipt of expert advice, have authorised the return of the use of the ‘Common Cup’. However, parishioners can still choose to receive communion in the pews using the ‘Communion Cup’, as currently practiced.
Cleaning: The cleaning of the Church buildings, including the sanitisation of furniture, pews, etc., will continue. As a result, cushions and kneelers will not be returned to the pews for the time being. Toilets: Please continue to sanitise/wash your hands thoroughly after visiting our toilets. 

Schedule of Church Services

First Sunday of Month                  10.00 am    Hilden  Service
                                                          11.00 am   Holy Communion

Second Sunday of Month              8.30 am    Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Morning Prayer

Third Sunday of Month                  8.30 am   Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Morning Prayer

Fourth Sunday of Month             10.00 am   Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Morning Prayer

  Fifth Sunday of Month                   8.30 am   Holy Communion
                                                         10.00 am    Hilden Service
                                                         11.00 am   Morning Prayer

Annual Vestry Appointments
At the Annual Vestry held April 2022, the following were appointed:
Rector’s Church Warden: Patricia Willis
People’s Church Warden: Helen Heggan
Rector’s Glebe Warden: Stephen Shaw
People’s Glebe Warden: Robert Brown
Hilden Warden: Mr. Ned Allen

Select Vestry members — Angela Bennett, Brian Bloomfield, Judith Finch, Aimee Gibson, Avril Hughes, Elizabeth McBurney, Victor McDonald, Gwen Mawhinney, Grace Mills, Leslie Mills, Angela Sloan and Neill Wilson.

Please pray for all the above who represent the parish and take decisions on behalf of the parish.

Parish Register
10 December   June Barker
22 December   John Livingstone
04 January       Rosemary McClenaghan
11 January       James Moore
28 January       Edith Tomlinson
02 February     Norma Friars
03 February     Matthew Crothers
07 February     James Stanley Clarke Gowdy
25 February     Adam Drinkwater
04 March         Emily Freda Crooks

Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with all the bereaved families.  Jesus said: ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.’

Mothers Union
Lambeg Mothers’ Union continue to meet via Zoom.  Each meeting begins with a scripture reading and prayers and ends with a “shout out quiz”.  In November we were joined by Roy Greer author of the book “Con O’Neill”.  Roy used a PowerPoint presentation to talk us through the work of women in Northern Ireland.  In December we welcomed Lynsey Agnew to talk to us about the Food Bank in Lisburn.  It was sad to hear about so many people in need for many different reasons in our own city.  In January our speaker was Margaret Murphy who talked to us about the voluntary work she does in Hydebank Woman’s Prison.  While Margaret acknowledged that the women deserved to be there for their crimes, some of them had come from dysfunctional backgrounds.  In February Rosalind Bloomfield used a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the work of the charity Tiny Life.  Tiny Life give support across Northern Ireland to families who have babies requiring intensive care.  We also attended  two car boot sales which were very successful.  We continue to support local hospitals by providing much needed wash bags.  We are hoping to meet in person in the near future.  All ladies are very welcome to join us.

Girls Brigade
We continue to meet on a Wednesday night and Saturday morning and have a varied programme for the girls which includes PE, Scripture, Games and Craft. We intend to meet until the end of April and whilst we won’t be able to have a display this year again we will finish the session with some sort of celebration for the girls. We are concerned that we have fewer girls than before the pandemic and we hope that our numbers will increase again in September, especially as our Company will be 80 years old next year.

Congratulations to Neve Browne and Amy Phillips who have just completed their Officer training. This was a mix of on-line learning and completion of a workbook which they did during the pandemic. We also had 4 girls who completed their Sub officer training. Congratulations to Molly Davidson, Lucie Strong, Hannah Crossey and Serena Davidson. They are now at University and we wish them all the very best with their studies. Hopefully they will come back to us at some stage in the future.
If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining GB they can contact me on the number below for more information.