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Dear Parishioner,
It has been a long haul since society was shut-down due to Covid-19 in March 2020. The normal rhythm of life has been disrupted in so many areas, whetherit has been school disruption for our children, or workers furloughed for long months, or medical appointments set back indefinitely whilst our NHS deals with the crisis. Now that most of us have been vaccinated, it is the hope of everyone that perhaps the summer and autumn can bring back some pre-Covid ‘normalitv. Let us pray that it will.
Thankfully, in recent months, we have been able to return to an ‘in-person’ church service at 10.45am in
Lambeg. But as I write, our Bishop and church authorities are still requiring us to keep all restrictions in place. Nevertheless, we are tentatively preparing for an Autumn return to normal services and organizations — though this is not guaranteed! The normal rhythm of church life has been disrupted for every church, but it is our prayer, that as we trust in the Lord, He will lift us up; He will restore us; and He will bless us as we keep looking to Him.
With this letter, there is a thank you letter about the Development Fund, which has now been able to pay off the long-standing building refurbishment debt of the parish. Please read this letter carefully and consider its proposals. But above all, please accept the deepest thanks of the Select Vestry for your generosity over the years. We trust that in the coming years, despite Covid-19 setbacks, the Lord will meet all our needs. Do please continue to keep safe and well.

Rector Rev E J Coulter


Dear Parishioners and Friends                                                    

July 2021                Re. Parish Development Fund
Many of you will recall that in the mid-1990s the parish launched a development programme to lead us into the 21 st century and by the grace of God the aims of the programme came to fruition over the subsequent two decades and enabled us, among other things, to:
Carry out a major renovation of the church building
Demolish a row of houses and create car parking facilities at the parochial hall
Purchase and develop an extension to the graveyard
Resurface and remodel the main car park
Upgrade and remodel the parochial hall
Creation of the Hilden Centre and  more recently, repairs to church tower, removal of asbestos from organ and the major renovation of the rectory

The cost of undertaking the above projects was in excess of three-quarters of a million pounds and this was achieved as a result of selling-off some surplus and redundant assets, seeking some grants and the obtaining of a major and long-term bank facility. A Parish Development Fund was established with the main initial purpose of servicing the bank loan and the success of this financial commitment was only possible through the enthusiasm and loyalty of you, our parishioners, in past years. The select vestry is pleased to inform you that we have made the final repayment to the bank thus paying off our bank loan. However, as well as buildings ‘parish development’ takes many forms and so, like other parishes, many challenges lie before us such as:

  • Adapting ministry and outreach to meet the changes imposed upon us by the Coronavirus pandemic
  • The development of ministry in the Hilden area

 The development of ministry to families and young people throughout the parish
 Reaching out to the elderly and housebound
 Undertaking some items of outstanding and costly maintenance work

We thank all of you who have in any way contributed to the Development Fund over the years making it such a success. However, whilst the original Parish Development Fund was targeted largely at buildings and property there remains the need to maintain such a Fund to help us develop ministry into the future and to do this we need your help. The Development Fund remains in place and we trust that those of you who contribute to the Fund will find it possible to continue your much valued contributions. The parishioner profile of the parish has changed significantly since the 1990s and so we invite each one of us to consider if we might be able to make a regular contribution to the Development Fund in addition to our freewill offerings which are used to meet the substantial day-to-day running costs of the parish. A healthy Development Fund will enable many of the items listed above to be undertaken in the years ahead and so better equip our parish to carry out our primary task of carrying out the will of God and helping to extend His Kingdom at home and overseas.

If you wish to arrange to add your name to the list of Development Fund contributors please contact Angela Sloan, our honorary treasurer whose details are at the bottom of the first page of this letter, and she will be pleased to guide you in the various ways in which contributions can be made.

We take this opportunity to record our appreciation to all of our parishioners for their loyal support, not only financial but also by giving their time, talents and energy in many ways but not least your prayerful support in helping us to identify and do God’s will for our parish. Every Blessing,
Rev Eddie Coulter

Parish Register
1st April     Evelyn Wilson
7th April     Arthur McCleery
14th May    Deirdre Burns
21st May     Alan McClelland
25th June   Marian Smith
‘blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, even so saith the Spirit,for they rest from their labours. ‘
Our deepest sympathies to the grieving family circles.

25th April.  Rosie Rhonda Dorothy Ervine
23 rd May. Sophie Ceciliya Harbinson

‘he took the little children in his arms and blessed them.’


Parish Contacts
Rector: Rev. E. J. Coulter (028 9266 3872) Email:

Children, Youth, and Young Families’ Worker Aimee Gibson

Diocesan Lay Readers
Miss Mavis Gibbons, Mrs Pat Harvey, Mr. Jack Hassard, Mr. Neill Wilson, Dr. Brian Bennett
Parish Readers

Miss Dorothy Jackson, 
Mr. Victor McDonald
Clergy with permission to officiate

Rev. Chris Pierce
Rev. David Luckman
Rev. Robert Smyth
Organist and Choir Master

Mr. John McClune
Honorary Secretary

Mrs Judith Finch

Honorary Treasurer
Mrs Angela Sloan
Graveyard Registrar

Rector (see above for contact details)

Mrs Grace Mills (028 9266 6027)
Health and Safety

Mr. Leslie Mills (028 9266 6027)
Envelope Secretary & Recorder

Karen Henry (028 9258 7296)

Parish office (028 9266 10009)

Parish Website:
Or visit us on our Facebook site


We now have a Flower Rota operational in the church again. If you would like to book a Sunday to commemorate a special occasion by sponsoring flowers in the Church, please contact Grace Mills for details (02892 666027). She can book the flowers with a florist if necessary.

Confirmation Service
Sunday 10th October at 6.30pm
Please pray for the 7 candidates for confirmation for confirmation, and other adults who may be confirmed.
Lambeg Parish Harvest Service — Sunday 17th October
Please pray that we can resume all our services.

Annual Vestry Appointments
At the Annual Vestry held on 22nd April 2021, the following were appointed:
Rector’s Church Warden: Patricia Willis
People’s Church Warden: Helen Heggan
Rector’s Glebe Warden: Stephen Shaw
People’s Glebe Warden: Robert Brown
Hilden Warden: Mr. Ned Allen

Select Vestry members — Angela Bennett, Brian Bloomfield, Estelle Curry, Judith Finch, Aimee Gibson, Avril Hughes, Elizabeth McBurney, Victor McDonald, Gwen Mawhinney, Grace Mills, Leslie Mills, Angela Sloan, David Smyth, and Neill Wilson.

Please pray for all the above who represent the parish and take decisions on behalf of the parish.

Church Services
As you know, church services have been disrupted for almost a year. The Church of Ireland House of Bishops have only recently given permission for churches to return to ‘in-person’ worship. This will not be a complete return to the normal pattern of services before COVID-19 started in March 2020, but a limited return to one service per Sunday.

Therefore, Lord willing, we will be returning to ‘in-person’ worship beginning on Good Friday evening (2nd April) at 7.30pm in Lambeg Church and each Sunday from Easter Sunday (4th April) at 10.45am. The Service on Easter Sunday is Holy Communion.

Parishioners, who are not able to get to church, will still be able to access church services through Facebook as each service will be recorded and uploaded on to our Facebook page. There will also be a pre-recorded Hilden Service on Facebook on Easter Sunday. Also, for those who do not use social media, there is an opportunity to listen to the service later on Sunday through our telephone service. Just phone (028 92 508 097) to avail of this service.
Please note carefully – As parishioners feel confident about returning to church after receiving vaccinations, numbers may exceed what we can accommodate safely under social-distancing. Therefore, we will be operating an over-flow system. This simply means that if and when the main church-building is full, we will be asking some parishioners to go to the church hall for the service. We ask for your understanding and full co-operation in this. The Select Vestry remains committed to safe, socially-distanced worship during this time and this is the only way that we can safely accommodate everyone who tums up on Sunday morning. Please, be patient and willing to serve others by following the requests and directions of the church wardens and stewards to enable everyone to worship in safety.

Coming to  Church- please remember.
First Of all, and most importantly, please do not come back to Church if you or any member of your household are experiencing or are recovering from Covld-19.

Secondly, if you are in an ‘at risk’ or vulnerable category, or are shielding, you should carefully consider when is the right time for you to return. .
Thirdly, if you are bringing infants or young children with you, remember that you will be responsible for them – especially where maintaining social distancing could be a challenge.
Fourthly, what to bring with you: Gloves (recommended);Face Covering (obligatory except for medical reasons); Tissues (strongly recommended); Your own hand sanitiser (if you would prefer to use that); a pen to complete your attendance slip.
Car Parking: When you park your car beside another car, please ensure that the occupants of that car have moved on before you leave your own car. There will be car parking stewards there to help you park.
Lastly, please follow the of the stewards on entering and exiting the service. Further instructions will be on the back of the service sheet handouts.

Parish Register
8th December                       Brenda Abernethy

24th December                     Mary Turley
19th January                         Maureen Clegg
21st January                         Freddie Doran
4th February                         John Belshaw
20th February                       Ronald Martin
22nd February                      Harriet Mulholland
3rd March                              Iris Wilkie
‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, even so saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labours’

Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with all the bereaved families of our parish.

13th February  Adam Lyness and Claire Hanley.

 ‘What God has put together let no one pull asunder’

 Our congratulations to the happy couple and we pray God’s richest blessing on their married life.

 A big thankyou to all our parishioners for their generosity during 2020. Though the church had a dramatic fall in income in the Covid-19 Financial period in 2020, FWO and Standing Order giving kept up.
This, together with reduction in costs left us with around £500 in the black!
Further details will be made available in the Financial Report at the Annual Easter Vestry.

 Confirmation Class will be held in May-June in anticipation of Confirmation in the Autumn. This is open to secondary school children & any adults wishing to be confirmed.
Please contact the Rector for further details.

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, organisations are still not being recommended to meet. Any changes on this will be published on our Facebook and website pages.

 Mothers Union has continued to keep in contact with the members during this difficult time.
We meet every month via ZOOM for those with Internet access. This is an enjoyable time for us all to share Our thoughts and prayers. Those who cannot join us on ZOOM have been kept up to date with telephone calls, Christmas cards and a Newsletter. The members have been carrying on with their projects and to date have made and donated 139 wash bags, Blankets, Mitts, Hats, Gloves, and Socks to the Royal Victoria Hospital Department. We have also donated knitted items to the Neonatal Unit at the RVH.
Hopefully it will not be too long until we resume our meetings & when we do new members will be made very welcome.

 Annual Easter Vestry
7.30pm 22nd April in church (subject to any further restrictions)
Under Covid-19 restrictions the House Of Bishops have issued strict guidelines concerning the 2021 AGMs in the C. Of l.
These are to be in person gatherings (with the proper precautions), and to strictly cover only the necessary requirements of electing a vestry and presenting the Financial Report for 2020.

Once again, due to government restrict-ions, unfortunately there will be no Fete this year in Lambeg.

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, organisations are still not being recommended  to meet.  Any changes on this will be published on our Facebook and website pages

Bishops’ Appeal
This year, we are not including envelopes for Bishops Appeal.  Parishioners who want to give can put their gift in an envelope and bring to  church or leave at Rectory

Lambeg Parish Women’s Group
 Sadly, this group has decided to close after many decades of faithful service in the church.  We thank them for all that they have done.  In finishing they have kindly donated their funds of £1035 to Friends of the Cancer Centre.


Copper Collection
The Copper Collection Fund, initiated some years ago for ‘rainy day’ projects, has since then raised over £19,000.  Please continue to put aside your ‘loose coppers’ (1p, 2p and 5ps, and dare we say it, even larger denominations) each evening and forward these to Leslie Mills – in any amounts or any containers!  This is a painless way to support Church projects – with surprising results.  It all adds up.

Postage Stamps
Please save all your used postage stamps and leave them at the back of the Church for Girvin Mairs.  These are forwarded to the Leprosy Mission which is able to raise money from them.