Organ Scholarship

‘Learn to play the organ with a scholarship from Down & Dromore, and Connor Dioceses

The Church of Ireland is offering a scholarship to any individual, who wants to learn how to play the organ.  Under 18s as well as adults may apply for this scholarship to do this course.  

For further details, please contact the Rector, who will send out all the necessary information and application forms. 

All applications must be in before the 30th August.’


Return to Church, Latest News

Dear parishioner,

As you know, over the past three months we have all been in ‘lockdown’ because of the highly contagious Covid-19 virus.  Along with many other sectors of society, the churches had to close down, and only recently have been given permission to re-open.   Whilst we have been able to continue to meet virtually through the internet and to follow church services on the telephone, we have missed the warmth of our gathering together in our church buildings and are glad that we are now allowed to return.

However, this return is under strict conditions, which are mandatory before any church can meet.  As the health and safety of our parishioners is paramount, the Select Vestry has started to formulate a safe way back to church and this will take time.  It will be August before the committee appointed to this task reports back to the vestry to give clear direction on how we can fulfil government and church requirements.

Many churches are doing exactly as we are doing and though some may open in July or August, the majority are planning for a September return.  As far as Lambeg parish is concerned, the Vestry is in complete agreement that until everything is fully risk-assessed and we have the volunteers in place, we will not be rushing into re-opening.  We are very much mindful of the age profile of our congregation and that many have been ‘shielding’ at this time: we in no way want to put them at risk when we return to church.  We will only be opening when we feel it is safe to do so.

If you would like to be a volunteer to help in this re-opening process (volunteers must be under 70 with no underlying health issues), please send your name and contact details to our parish secretary or to the Rector, and if you have any queries, do feel free to give us your feedback.  We will of course be keeping you fully informed of our back-to-church timetable as soon as we possibly can.  Until then, continue to listen in to our Facebook service and if going on holiday, have a safe summer break.

Every blessing,



Dial – In – Sunday Service

Good news!! From this Sunday you’ll be able to listen in to our service on the phone. Just dial 028 92 508 097 anytime from 12 noon. Calls will be charged at local rate.

We’re delighted, as this means those with no internet access can connect with us on a Sunday morning.  Also, if anyone would like to listen to our weekday messages this too will be available half an hour after they been recorded live.

If you know someone this would be useful for, please let them know!



Latest News:

Latest News:    Coronna Virus – Lambeg Graveyard

Dear all, Lambeg graveyard will be open for the normal hours from Saturday morning with the following restrictions in place: please observe all government regulations concerning social distancing. – Visitors showing any symptoms of Coronavirus should not enter this graveyard. – Visitors to the Graveyard must socially distance themselves by at least two metres from anybody else in the graveyard. (This does not apply to members already living in the same household). – There should be a gap of at least two metres between parked cars. – Visits to the graveyard should be kept to a short duration. – Visitors should bring their own water and water containers – water taps should not be used (They have been disabled for public safety purposes). – Dead foliage should be brought home or may be placed in the graveyard skip but water containers of any type should be brought home. – Remember, this graveyard normally closes at 6p.m. – Please see notice on the main gate.’

Making Jesus ‘mega’

What a letter – Paul’s letter to the Philippians! So encouraging and so challenging. Here we see a warm, loving relationship and partnership between the Apostle and a church that he himself had founded.

He wants them to advance the Gospel with him. To do that they need to be united, serving one another as Christ served them, i.e., looking to put others first. The only way this can happen is by making Jesus ‘mega’!

This comes from Paul’s desire to see Jesus exalted in his own life (v.20). The word literally means to make mega or we might say ‘super-size’. Paul wants them to glorify Jesus in three areas.

He wants them and every Christian to magnify Jesus in the world by speaking his word to the world (v.14). He wants them to make Jesus mega in the church (vv.15-17). He rebukes genuine Christians for their rivalries, envy and selfish ambition in the church. The priorities of Jesus come before anything else. He is to be central. And thirdly, he wants them to magnify Jesus in their own lives by making progress in the Gospel (v.25). As they grow in their understanding and living out of the Gospel in their own lives, Christ is magnified, super-sized, glorified!

It’s all about glorifying Jesus whether it’s our evangelism, the internal life of our churches, or our individual lives. Let’s super-size Jesus, make him mega, glorify him in the world, the church, and our lives.


Freewill Offering

In my letter dated 19th March I mentioned that in order to enable the work of the church to continue, anyone who gives by FWO envelope can either consider temporarily switching to a Standing Order or deliver their envelope to the Rectory. Given the current Government restrictions you can also post a cheque directly to the Treasurer with details of your FWO envelope number on the reverse of the cheque. Please contact Angela Sloan if you require any further details on the above.  
Do please keep safe and well.
Every blessing


Keeping In Touch

We have a number of things to keep the Lambeg and Hilden parish family in touch with each other on a regular basis.

We have a Lambeg Parish WhatsApp group set up.  To join, use your mobile to join What’sApp and once you’ve done that, contact me by text to add you to the group.  My mobile is 07484161345

We also have a Lambeg Parish Facebook page, which I’m using on Sundays (beginning this Sunday) at 11am to do a live, short broadcast and talk with the parish.


Watch this space

Lambeg Parish Church has been witnessing to the Gospel of Christ from the beginning of the l4th century and possibly even earlier. Generations of men,women and children have had their spiritual needs met by a church that has accommodated itself to the changing conditions of the area.
Beginning as a rural parish for centuries, it became an industrial region with the setting up of paper, linen, and thread industries. Thousands were employed in these industries,which achieved world-wide renown. The influx of workers led to rebuilding schemes in the church to accommodate the growing number of people living within  the parish boundaries. Today, the parish of Lambeg has become a suburban parish, with new housing, even within old estates such as Clonmore and Hilden. Whilst times have changed, people and their spiritual needs remain the same, sinners in need of God’s grace. As Jesus Christ, the Lord, remains the same, ‘yesterday, today and forever’, the Gospel proclaimed to generations in the past needs to be proclaimed to the present generation of people within our parish. God’s church is always on mission until Christ returns. To that end, we need to explore together as a parish how we move forward with the Gospel in this era of Lambeg’s history.How do we reach a new generation? How can we develop our witness today?
Hopefully, later this year, we can explore this together in a ‘Parish Consultation’ as we consider our responsibility of witnessing to our generation about the wonderful Good News of Jesus Christ.
So, watch this space