House groups are a number of people (approx 8 - 14) who meet together in a leaders home for a time of Bible Study and fellowship.

These are informal and provide an opportunity to ask questions, express an opinion or share your experience or problems. Alternatively you can just listen and learn from others.

Tuesday Housegroups will meet as follows :
Re-commences Monday 24th September



10.30 a.m.

Beth McIlroy
2 Sandy Lane

Beth McIlroy

7.45 p.m.

Jean Reid

2 Garvey Court,  Lisburn

Mavis Gibbom

Victor McDonald

7.45 p.m.

Joycelyne Wilson

3 Glencourt Close, Ravarnet

Neill Wilson

7.45 p.m.

Jack Hassard

3 Woodland Drive, Lisburn

Jack Hassard

Dorothy Jackson

7.45 p.m.

Karen Henry

32 Skyline Drive, Lambeg

Nicola Taylor

Newcomers are warmly invited to come along to any group

House groups are a vital part of the life of any church especially as they give an opportunity to grow in our faith and discipleship.  As we are setting out to be a learning, caring, worshipping and witnessing church, these groups give an extra option outside of the normal Sunday service to grow in our learning; our caring for one another; and our worship together as well as witness.  If you have never been before, never fear, the groups are in homes through the parish, attended by people of the parish, and led by people of the parish!  No level of Bible knowledge is required; you won’t be asked to pray; and you won’t be asked any embarrassing questions, but you can ask whatever you want; or you can just come, listen and and enjoy the chat – and the refreshments afterwards!   It would be so encouraging and fruitful for you and the parish to see as many parishioners as possible to be involved in our house groups.

House groups start in the week beginning Monday 24th September.  Please contact the Revd. Coulter for further information about the house groups and especially those nearest to you.