Our youth and children’s programmes wouldn’t run without the help of volunteers and we want to thank everyone who gives of their time to help in their various roles. The organisations are off at the moment for the Summer break but we think this is a good time to express our need for more helpers in various groups. A few of our young who play a big role in Unlabelled, Unique and E.P.I.C (our youth programmes) are heading off to university come September which will leave us quite short for leaders. We urge that you take time to think and pray before you make a decision but if you would be interested in volunteering with our young people either on a rota basis or a year commitment please speak to Aimee Gibson.

aimee@lambegparish.co.uk   OR  07999649180 

Daily Prayer

 Find a quiet place and time each day

 Ask God to help you understand His Word

 Read and think about a Bible passage (perhaps using the notes of Sunday’s sermons or using Bible reading notes)

 Pray about what you’ve read for yourself

 Pray about what you’ve read for others

 Pray about other concerns, including Lambeg parish activities and events mentioned in this edition of ‘The Link’.


Holy Baptism

Baptisms are arranged for the second Sunday of each month.  Parents seeking baptism for their children or adults seeking baptism must contact the Rector.  No definite arrangements can be made for baptism until parents and those seeking baptism have completed a baptismal course with the Rector. Please contact the Rector for further details.

9.30 am.

Holy Communion.  Preacher..   Rector

10.45 a.m.

Morning Prayer.  Preacher Rector
Sunday School.  - Nursery - P7
 First Reading: Micah 2:12-13 (p.931)

  Second Reading: Mark 11:1-19 (p.1016)

12. noon

Service of the Word.  Preacher, Rector
Sunday School


6.30 pm. p.m.

Evening Prayer.  Preacher  Mr B Bennett


Sunday 16th September 2018

Thank God

for the life and witness of Lambeg Church and the Hilden Centre

God’s generous provision for the ministry


PRAY for

the Rector and Aimee and all in leadership

the Sunday services - the worship and teaching. 

the elderly and housebound -

those who visit hem

those who have been bereaved, the ill and those facing difficult situations

Craig, Georgie, Noah and Bethany serving in St. Luke’s, Bath



10.00 am.
7.30 pm.

Mums & Tots
Cafe Church

Hilden Centre


7.00 pm

Girls Brigade. Juniors, Seniors & Brigaders

Church Hall



6.45 pm

8.00 pm

Open House

Church Lads Brigade.  Sponsored Walk at Wallace Park
Weather Dependant.
 Choir Practise

Hilden Centre

Choir Robing Room




Girls Brigade. Explorers & Under 5's

Church Hall

Activities for Week commencing  17th September   2018

Gift Aid

Churches are able to claim a refund of £0.25 from the Inland Revenue for every £1 a tax-paying parishioner gives to the church.  

Currently, the vestry estimates that we are missing out on a possible extra £5000 because not everyone who qualifies for Gift Aid has signed up to it.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, or are already signed up, or simply want to find out more information, please lift a Gift Aid form from the back of church and contact our treasurer.

Further details can also be found inside the 2016 Financial Report

Gift Aid Coordinator

At the last meeting of the Select Vestry, Elizabeth McBurney was appointed as the Parish Gift Aid Coordinator to assist the Honorary Treasurer, Angela Sloan, in the administration of the Gift Aid Scheme.  Liz will be seeking to expand the number of people who are eligible to gift aid their contributions to their Free Will Offerings.  If you are a tax payer not already signed up then Liz or Angela are the persons to speak to.

16th Sunday after Trinity

Monday: Read Mark 11:1-19.  The message of Mark’s Gospel is that Jesus has come to Jerusalem to die for our sins, to give his life as a ransom for many.  Praise God for the cross of Christ and pray that the message of Christ Crucified will be preached throughout the world.

Tuesday: Read Mark 11:1-7.  Jesus deliberately makes arrangements to enter Jerusalem as its King or Messiah, fulfilling Old Testament prophecies in the manner in which he entered.  Jesus is God’s king, the one who has the right to rule our lives.  Pray for lives to reflect his rule.

Wednesday: Read Mark 11:8-11. Many of the pilgrims, with whom Jesus and his disciples were travelling to Jerusalem for the Passover, hailed him as he entered Jerusalem.  But they did not truly recognize him as Messiah. Pray for growth of understanding of who Jesus is.

Thursday: Read Mark 11:12-14.  In the OT, Israel was compared to a fig tree. Though it wasn’t the season for the ripe figs, there should have been some early signs of growth, but there wasn’t.  In his action with fig tree, Jesus is pronouncing judgement on Israel.  Pray for spiritual fruit.

Friday: Read Mark 11:15-19.  Not only was there no fruit of godliness in Israel, but they were even sinning against God by making the Temple a market place to make money.  They worshipped money - not God.  So many people do.  Pray for people to turn from idols to the living God.

Sunday 23rd September 2018

10.45 a.m. Morning Prayer & Baptism.   Sunday School & Bible Class


12.00 noon Service of the Word & Sunday School

  Hilden Centre

 6.30 pm  Holy Communion                  


Lambeg Parish is partnering with Church Army in helping with their ‘Baby Basics’ programme on the Shankhill Road, Belfast.  Once a year, through the month of October and our harvest, Lambeg Parish helps supply the needs for that month.  Baby Basics provides help to single mums, and this year Sister Karen Webb, who heads up the programme has asked for the following items: Moses’ baskets, nappies (size 1 & 2 particularly); sudocreme, nappy sacks; good second-hand baby clothes; baby shampoo; lotion and wash; baby and toddler toys; and Baby sponges.  

Parishioners can leave their gifts for Baby Basics in church on any of the Sundays in October.  

The usual gifts of foo will also be received for harvest and particularly tinned food.  These will be distributed to the food bank for refugees at the ‘International Meeting Point’ in Lisburn.  Gifts from Lambeg parish have been well received by refugees.


(EveryThursday Night at the Hilden Centre)

All boys from P1+ are very welcome to come along.

The times for the different age groups are as follows:

Martins (4-7yrs old).45 - 7.30pm

Yteam (8-10yrs old)- 8pm

JTC (11-14yrs old).30 - 8.30pm

6th Sept. Registration and Fun Night 6.45 - 7.15pm,.
Martins 7.15 - 7.45pm. Y Team & JTC

13th Sept Official launch

20th Sept Sponsored Walk meeting at Wallace Park car park at 6.45 - approx pm(weather dependent). Parents are very welcome to join us on our walk around the park.

25th Oct & 1st Nov.  OFF for Halloween

Sun 18th Nov. Enrolment Service at Lambeg Parish Church at 10.45am

Next Messy Church is on the 30th Sept. in the Hilden Centre.
10.45 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
2nd Dec.
10.45am - 1.00 pm

Girls Brigade

Saturday 8thSept. at 10.30am to 12pm for Explorers and Under 5’s. (For insurance purposes girls have to be 3 year old before they can join)

Wednesday 12th Sept. From 7.00pm to 8.30pm for Juniors, Seniors and Brigadiers.

The girls enjoy a programme of PE, Games, Craft, Scripture and Badgework and we would love to welcome some new members. If you would like any further information in relation to the GB please contact Patricia at 07921683297

House groups are a vital part of the life of any church especially as they give an opportunity to grow in our faith and discipleship.  As we are setting out to be a learning, caring, worshipping and witnessing church, these groups give an extra option outside of the normal Sunday service to grow in our learning; our caring for one another; and our worship together as well as witness.  If you have never been before, never fear, the groups are in homes through the parish, attended by people of the parish, and led by people of the parish!  No level of Bible knowledge is required; you won’t be asked to pray; and you won’t be asked any embarrassing questions, but you can ask whatever you want; or you can just come, listen and and enjoy the chat – and the refreshments afterwards!   It would be so encouraging and fruitful for us and the parish to see as many parishioners as possible involved in our house groups.

House groups start in the week beginning Monday 24th September.  

Please contact the Revd. Coulter for further information about the house groups and especially those nearest to you.

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