Erected by William Barbour J.P. Of Hilden in memory of his daughter Eliza died 22nd Sept 1857 aged 19 years.

Margaret wife of Samuel Barbour died at New York, 6th Oct., 1862

His son Frank died 1st July, 1866 Aged 30 years.

Eliza wife to the above William Barbour of Hilden died 24th Oct., 1873 aged 73 years

Here lie the remains of William Barbour, J.P. Of Hilden Died 6th Sept. 1875 aged 77 years,
And also of his son Samuel Barber of Danesfort died 30th March 1878 aged 48 years.
Also of his son Thomas Barbour, J.P. Of Hilden and of New York and Paterson, U.S.A. Who died 19th Jan. 1895, aged 52 years.



In affectionate remembrance of Eliza daughter of Robert Barbour, Esq., Paterson, New Jersey, and dearly beloved wife of J. Milne Barbour, Conway, Dunmurry, born 8th March 1873, died 24th April 1910, aged 37 years.

And of his well beloved and only son
John Milne Barbour B.A. Oxon., M.B.A., Harvard, Mass.
Born 20th August 1906, Died 3rd July 1937.



In loving memory of John D. Barbour, D.L., J.P.., Of Conway, Dunmurry, Born 31st March 1824; Died 18th June 1901.

Also of his son William who died at Cannes, 20th Jany 1878, aghed 6 years, And of his wife Elizabeth Law, Eldest daughter of John Milne, J.P. Trinity Grove, Edinburgh : Born 18th June 1845, Died at Leamington, 15th March 1934,

And of his eldest son Frank Barbour, Born 9th Dec 1866 Died at sea 31st Oct 1936:
Buried in Western Mediterranean, Lat 42, 19 N. Long 4. 09 E.

A lover of his neighbour, and a sportsman,
Sans peur et sans reproche